Project management

Sadeq Ghori

Message From Project Manager

I am Sadeq Ghori working as a Project manager with Mavrick Software and Telecom Service¬† In today’s complex market, product advantage is fleeting. It is no longer what you sell, but how you sell it – meaning it is now vital to bridge the gap between sales and marketing. CUSTOMER MESSAGE MANAGEMENT does just that, eradicating the disconnect that for years has plagued the two departments and, in the process, increasing the effectiveness of both. With its thorough, practical coverage of Mavrick Software, this comprehensive guidebook gives readers invaluable insight into how to create effective brand, marketing, and sales messaging based on customer business roles and goals. It also equips readers with the skills to deliver those messages efficiently and effectively across all selling touch-points in a way that can be personalized for each prospect and customer. More than just creating customer-ready messages for the sales force to use, we help companies discern how best to create messages, stimulate conversations, and continue customer dialogues that activate purchase intent.